Schreibwerkstatt: English version – Sabine


In der Rubrik „Schreibwerkstatt“ gewähre ich Einblick in meine Gedankenwelt und stelle gekürzte Texte vor, die aus meinen Kurzgeschichten oder kleinen Sammlungen stammen.


[…] It emerged that his parents stayed by the sister during a visit in Munich and don’t came back. Her boy-friend came via meandered ways from East-Berlin to the West. Now he called and demanded that his love-bird should follow him. Forever. Forever she would leave her own parents, her brother, the many friends, the childhood. No return. And the worst – she had to settle it with herself alone, nobody might come to know her thoughts. She cried, harked to every click in the phone line. The click was the sign that someone from the secret service monitored the call. Were they discovered already? Panic invaded her thoughts. She knows that even the trail to overcome the border line will be sconce with years in prison. She had heard from people who never were able to visit the families in spite of all bilateral negotiations on the highest level. What shall she do? To drop everything and start a new life? Everybody betray? She had everything to wish for: travelling with friends even to Hungary on vacation, buying american sneakers for 400 East-Dollars and modern clothes. She loved her profession as nursery nurse, had a cozy flat. Was it that? Is your boy-friend the “man of her life”? They were together for a short time. How huge is your love? They were never occopied by daily routine as young as they are. She planed to have a child, it was clear to her. In the newspaper she read about non-children friendly landlords in West-Berlin. Anything propaganda? How much notions can be thought in so short time? She begs fo time to think about it and made an appointment for a phone call with him next day.[…]

(Die ganze Geschichte „Sabine“ ist auf deutsch im Büchlein „Über Grenzen“ enthalten.)


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